KALE!!! A cancer fighting food!


Kale has long been heralded as a cancer fighting food! It’s recent popularity, particularly on the east coast, brings to light the need for a little positive promotion for this leafy green! Kale is a cool season cruciferous vegetable with broad textured dark green leaves. It has a spicy bitter flavor due to its high glucosinolates which contain cancer fighting properties. Just the very act of chewing this tasty veggie releases the glucosinolates to activate their cancer fighting powers! How easy is that? Another anti-cancer property in kale is the high levels of sulforaphane as well as indole-3-carbinol, a chemical which can boost DNA repair in cells and has been shown to block the growth of cancer cells. It is also great source of beta carotene, vitamins K and C and calcium.

Now to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to kale’s cancer fighting prowess, its best eaten raw. Cooking kale can also be very delicious and still beneficial but the cancer fighting properties are somewhat diminished. We at I Will Survive Inc recommend trying it both ways and provided below are some yummy recipes you can try!

Kale Chips Recipe: A healthy and delicious substitute for regular potato chips!


Sauteed Kale Recipe: An easy hearty and healthy side dish!


Kale Quiche: The perfect way to add kale to breakfast!


Kale Soup: Warming, sweet and savory!


Kale Lasagna: A great “make ahead” family dinner!


Kale Juice: Quite possibly the healthiest veggie you can juice and a great way to enjoy raw kale!


Kale Slaw: The perfect raw recipe for kale!


Kale Pasta: Easy, fast and delicious!


Kale Pizza: Kale is a unique addition to homemade pizza with so many variation possibilities! 


There you go! This delicious and hearty green is a simple addition to your weekly diet! Its a perfect substitute for any recipe with spinach with tons of health and anti-cancer benefits! Feel free to post your favorite recipes as well in the comments section!

Happy cooking and keep on surviving!

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