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There are two types of advice.  There’s the bad advice I should NEVER have listened to like when the artist at the MAC counter highly suggested penciling in my eyebrows for dramatic effect.  In all honesty, I’ve seen clowns and drag queens with better faux brows, not to mention the makeover made my 4-year old daughter grimace with understandable fear in her eyes. It was not a good look ladies!  When the realization sets in I’ve succumbed to bad advice, “Cookie Fierce”, my cancer fighting alter ego wants to fire back with a snarky ‘If I want your advice, I’ll give it to you!’.

The second type of advice is good advice.   Five years ago I was fortunate to meet a wise woman who imparted some sage wisdom upon me when it came to ordering the important things in life.  She gave me a list that read:…

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How These Teens are Killin’ It by Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer in Black Women


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Rockin’ all pink everything all month long and buying up all the products that support breast cancer awareness is one way to help the cause. But, if you think that’s all you can do as a teen, keep reading and let us help you find out what’s really good:

It’s called Teens 4 Pink and it’s a new program that was launched in 2014 by breast cancer survivor, Karen Eubanks Jackson and her organization, Sisters Network, Inc. (the only national African –American breast cancer survivorship association). It’s goal? To educate and empower Black teen girls about breast health and early detection.

One example of how these girls give back is by assembling what they call “compassion baskets” for breast cancer survivors.  “I really enjoyed this project because I know the survivors will enjoy all the nice beauty products and supplies we included … to help them feel better and beautiful…

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We’ve hit a lot of milestones in the last nine years. Here’s a nice new one: one million dollars.

That’s how much our Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Program partners have already distributed in SNAP and nutrition incentives just since the start of the year. This million-dollar milestone represents the magnitude of the investment SNAP shoppers are making in healthy, local produce, in communities throughout the country. And these dollars don’t just buy local food – they end up in the hands of nearby growers, and then radiate out through the community, bolstering the economy and improving public health.

Reaching $1M also clocks the growing success of our FINI projects. Just 8 months into the year, their SNAP and incentive totals have surpassed totals for the entirety of 2015, and are at 84% of our total projections for 2016. With four months still left in the year, we’ll likely exceed those projections. Through this data we also see the demonstrated value of coming together across cities and states to support food access. Network member Wholesome Wave Georgia, which convenes farmers markets across that southern state, are blowing it out of the water. Just since January 1, shoppers at their markets have redeemed well over $100,000 in SNAP and nutrition incentives. Even in the smallest state, longtime partner Farm Fresh Rhode Island has seen over $70,000 in fruit and vegetable sales in 2016 alone. And even single-site programs are shining. For example, SNAP consumers at Fondy Farmers Market in Milwaukee have bought over $40,000 of produce this year.

The most substantial peak of 2016 occurred during National Farmers Market Week, in the first week of August, when we saw a $58,000 increase in sales over the previous week. That’s good news for shoppers, farmers and the hard-working folks behind these programs. But we’re not going to rest on these laurels—far from it. These numbers are a tiny slice of the national need. We’re just getting started.

By: Fiona McBride

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Doraville wins softball charity game to support @IWillSurviveInc



Doraville hit a grand slam against Dunwoody Thursday, Oct 13 at a benefit softball game between employees from both cities to raise funds for I Will Survive, Inc., a local service agency for breast cancer survivors.

A raffle for a Big Green Egg grill package raised $2,108 that was then added to a $1,000 corporate contribution from Halpern Enterprises, Inc., bringing in a total contribution of $3,108 for the cancer survivor agency. Halpern was represented at the event by Jimmy Cushman and Halpern co-owner Carolyn Oppenheimer.

Played at Honeysuckle Park, the ball game was a whopping 18-5 win for the Doraville Firebirds softball team. Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman and Dunwoody Mayor Dennis Shortal led the team-friendly event

Thanks to Kari Lopez, Doraville Police Department, for creating the trophy for this first-time event. City Clerk Sherry Henderson was the lucky winner of the grill package valued at $1,000 that was generously donated by The Big Green Egg®, whose corporate headquarters are located in Doraville.

A special “thank you” is extended to all who bought raffle tickets, those city employees who participated in the ball game from both Doraville and Dunwoody, and to everyone who helped coordinate this worthwhile event to recognize Pink Ribbon Month for cancer survivors that runs through the month of October.

Source: Welcome to Doraville, GA