“Turning Down the Volume”


Amazing writer! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world!

Pink ribbon sunshine


There are two types of advice.  There’s the bad advice I should NEVER have listened to like when the artist at the MAC counter highly suggested penciling in my eyebrows for dramatic effect.  In all honesty, I’ve seen clowns and drag queens with better faux brows, not to mention the makeover made my 4-year old daughter grimace with understandable fear in her eyes. It was not a good look ladies!  When the realization sets in I’ve succumbed to bad advice, “Cookie Fierce”, my cancer fighting alter ego wants to fire back with a snarky ‘If I want your advice, I’ll give it to you!’.

The second type of advice is good advice.   Five years ago I was fortunate to meet a wise woman who imparted some sage wisdom upon me when it came to ordering the important things in life.  She gave me a list that read:…

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