Get your Fitness on for a Cause…


We are at it again (3rd year). Register with I Will Survive, Inc. A part of your registration is donated to us. We need your help- please share to make this time a huge success with 500 participants, equalling $2,500 donated to fund our programs.

Saturday before MLK Day, January 17th, 2015! Gathering the diverse groups in our beloved community to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood with fellowship and fitness.

Runners, walkers, bikers… you are going to be there anyway… right?! So… you might as well have a great time and help our cause. You will feel good physically, spiritually, and mentally… after knowing you helped someone other than yourself. That someone could be a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer in need of medical bills assistance or a breast cancer survivor in need of ongoing prescription assistance.

So you hate running… that is okay. You can walk at your own pace and accomplish your first 5k with the support of the entire community. You can save your walk time and work on building a more improved time for 2016 then 2017. Yes, we want to see you annually! So get registered today for 2015 here.

You will be out of town that day?… you can still register with I Will Survive, Inc. and make your name a donated spot for a breast cancer survivor wanting to get back in shape to reduce his/her chances of breast cancer returning again. Or you can make a tax deductible donation directly to I Will Survive, Inc. on our website here.

Thank you for your participation and your donation! We truly appreciate you and surely are not able to do what we do without your help. Please do not forget to “Like” us on Facebook

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