Come out and get pampered for a cause!



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the national Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Many individuals talk about participating in a run that may say they will find a cure for breast cancer with the funds during the month of October. Some individuals may wear pink for a day in the month to support a family member they lost to breast cancer. Other individuals may even make their Facebook page pink for a day to show they care about breast cancer during the month of October. We want to know what you do the other months of the year and what October truly means to you!

Do NOT fall in the habit of only doing your self breast exams during the month of October. Do NOT only volunteer during October with a breast cancer organization. Please think about doing more outside of October. Yes- we always need donations but try to do more all year round.

Living in a pharmaceutical country can often times numb the real message behind what breast cancer awareness is all about. If you only make a donation to support an individual with breast cancer during the month of October, how do you think they survive throughout the rest of the eleven months of the year?

It is more than just buying pink yogurt lids and wearing a pink T-shirt or a pink glove when playing in the NFL. For those of us who have been personally touched by the disease, breast cancer awareness month may mean so much more than just something pink.

Educate yourselves year round and always stay active in the community when it comes to sharing an educational message on proactive prevention.


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