Support I Will Survive Inc. on December 6th 2012 Georgia Gives Day!


Have you ever realized just how much impact nonprofit organizations have on your daily life?  Just think about it: the schools and colleges where we get our educations, the training of the volunteer fire fighters and police men and women who protect us, the hospitals where we were born, the parks and playgrounds that we spend our free time in, the groups who fight against injustice and for our first amendment rights! Whether you are already volunteering your time and money or its on one of those nagging to-do lists, the tireless efforts of people involved in nonprofits has a profound impact on your family’s day-to-day activities. I Will Survive Inc. is an important part of a far reaching network that supports this beautiful life we are all so blessed to have!

A collaboration of our very own Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Georgia Gives Day is a call to come together and support the causes and organizations in your own backyard and consider how different your life might be without them. In just six days I Will Survive Inc. will be part of this spectacular event taking place all over the great state of Georgia! From now until the 6th of December you can go to to donate to I Will Survive Inc. Its a very easy process and every donation no matter how big or small will help us continue the support of families fighting breast cancer. All donations are tax deductible as well.

As the creators of this amazing day of giving say, “Here’s an opportunity for everyone, in every corner of the state to support the causes that make Georgia great.”

Keep On Surviving!

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